PointSouth Logistics & Commerce Centre

Hutchins, Texas


PointSouth Logistics & Commerce Centre is an 96 acre planned development consisting of approximately 1.4 million square feet by Majestic Realty Co. located in Hutchins, Texas.

The Park is strategically positioned at the Southeast Quadrant of the conflux of two of the Country’s busiest and most important interstates, I-45 and I-20. I-20 commonly known as “The Coast to Coast Highway” carries the bulk of truck traffic from the Southeastern U.S. and Atlantic Seaboard to the West Coast and specifically the LA / Long Beach area. I-45, commonly referred to as “The NAFTA’s Highway” carries the bulk of traffic generated by product carry out of Mexico and Maquiladora to the DFW Area and in all directions from there.

The Southern sector has benefitted from the Union Pacific Intermodal which was constructed approximately 8 years ago and has acted as a tremendous catalyst to the area. It receives over 360,000 TEU’s per year primarily from LA / Long Beach.

The highway and road system coupled with the municipalities in the area willingness to grant aggressive incentives in the way of tax abatements and grants has led to the area garnering close to 5 million square feet of deals in the past 3 years. Some of the notable ones being Kohl’s, Pepsico, L’OREAL, Home Depot, Whirpool, Ace Hardware, Unilever and FedEx.

PointSouth benefits specifically from the directly adjacent location of a regional FedEx Ground hub. Additionally, the visibility from I-45 and the immediate accessibility to I-45 and I-20 is unparalleled.

PointSouth’s extremely competitive land cost will make it a very attractive alternative from an economic for prospective tenants combined all of the previously mentioned attributes.