GAIN® Clean Fuel’s newest CNG Station Opens at Majestic Commercenter

September 19, 2014 |

AURORA, Colo. Sept. 19, 2014 – Majestic Realty Co., in cooperation with the City of Aurora, GAIN®  Clean Fuel and Denver Metro Clean Cities, opened a major Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station at the Majestic Commercenter industrial park earlier this week.  Located at the northwest corner of I-70 and Tower Road, the station is set to serve a significant trucking fleet corridor in the years ahead.

Management Photo

Left to Right — Randy Hertel, Majestic Realty Co. and Skip Bailey of Commerce Construction join Erick Johnson of Gain Clean Fuel and Michael Hedges of DDC Construction at the grand opening event.

With several fleet operations already committed to using the new station, including Xcel Energy, Core-Mark, Dillon Transport, Inc. and others, the station will replace the equivalent of 400,000 gallons of diesel fuel in the next year and more than 1.5 million gallons in the next five years. While there are a total of 18 CNG stations located in Colorado right now, the GAIN® Clean Air station is significant for many reasons. First, many of the existing stations in the region are older, have small compressors and aren’t able to support larger trucking vehicles. In addition, this station is in a primary fleet corridor and represents the newest generation of CNG knowledge and technology.

Open to all commercial and private users 24/7, the station offers compressors that fill class 8 trucks at a rate equivalent to diesel fuel, has four fueling nozzles (2 for smaller vehicles and 2 for larger ones), and accepts major fleet cards and most major credit cards.

GAIN® Clean fuel is a compressed natural gas program for fleets developed by U.S. Oil. GAIN® Clean Fuel offers customers an environmentally friendly substitute to traditional fuels that delivers cost savings of more than 33 percent when compared to diesel.

A well accepted and growing trend in fleet transportation, eight additional CNG stations were recently awarded grant funding and will be constructed in the coming year

A few other highlights related to this new site and the industry as a whole:

Natural gas figures:

  • Natural gas is consistently lower in price than diesel fuel by anywhere from $1.00-1.50 per diesel gallon equivalent.
  • Only 25% of the pump price of CNG is determined by the price of natural gas, whereas almost 60-70% of gasoline and diesel at the pump is determined by the price of crude oil. This is what helps contribute to the stability of natural gas pump prices and the volatility of diesel and gasoline.
  • CNG can offer up to a 25% reduction in greenhouse gases and a 20-45% reduction in criteria air pollutants like NOx, VOCs, and particulate matter.
  • 98% of the natural gas used in the US comes from North America, which contributes to our energy independence and security.
  • 40,000 direct jobs come from Colorado’s oil and gas industry, which contributes about $31 billion in economic output annually.


Additional Resources: Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Data Center regarding fuel locations and site details: