Bethlehem planners approve mega warehouse at Majestic Center

April 10, 2014 |

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – This Thursday the Bethlehem Planning Commission unanimously approved the development of a 1.94 million square foot warehouse in the Majestic Center that is set to become one of the largest in the state of Pennsylvania. The building will occupy the 440-acre lot that was formerly the site of Bethlehem Steel off of Commerce Center Boulevard. It is currently owned by Majestic Realty Inc. Quick Clicks Allentown plans $5 million in capital improvements.

The design of the building, according to officials, will mirror those of its two neighboring, previously-approved Majestic Center structures, one of which is occupied by Crayola.

“The building that’s currently constructed on there has the same kind of façade,” said developer Thomas Serpicot. “The idea is to keep the façade consistent and unified.”

The Crayola site occupies 800,280 square feet while the other building still under construction will span 1.2 million square feet.  Both were previously approved by the planning commission.

Developers stated that they were not yet ready to disclose whether or not a client had been found to utilize the building, yet they are testing the market. The construction of the new mega warehouse will also include employee parking areas, trailer parking area, the creation of a new street called Interior Drive and the extension of the surrounding Outer Road.

During the meeting planning, Chairman, Andrew Twigard, raised concerns about needed sidewalk extensions and the potential addition of stop signs around the perimeter.

“We’d be happy to accommodate that” said developer Jim Preston. “We’ve gone through the comment letter [and] we don’t have any issues with it.”

The development of the plans were unanimously approved on the condition that such changes are implemented accordingly.