Majestic Bethlehem Center Honored as Project of the Year


The Majestic Bethlehem Center has been selected as the Real Estate Project of the year for the 27th Annual Lehigh Valley, PA Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Awards to be held by the March of Dimes on October 30, 2020. 

“Not only is the March of Dimes a wonderful organization that does profound and meaningful work, but they have established the signature commercial real estate award in the Lehigh Valley,” said Ed Konjoyan, Senior Vice President of Majestic Realty Co., a Los Angeles based developer of commercial, industrial, logistics, hospitality and residential projects nationwide. “The past awardees are a Who’s Who of instrumental stakeholders and community enhancing projects. It is a true honor for the Majestic Bethlehem Center to join their ranks.”

According to Majestic President and Chairman, Ed Roski, Jr., “when Majestic first began discussions with the leadership of Bethlehem Steel Co. for our acquisition of these 441 acres, we quickly understood their concern for the local community, the significance of this property and the trust that was being placed in us. This was more than just another real estate development, it was an opportunity to help reinvigorate the region by investing our time, energy and resources, and in turn create economic activity, jobs and career advancement opportunities.”

Majestic has a long history of community involvement and stewardship as part of its development approach. As a build-and-hold developer, Majestic considers itself a member of the communities where it puts down roots. The Majestic Realty Foundation engages with local non-profits to help the community thrive, and Majestic encourages its employees to volunteer and give back.

“We felt that the location and features of what has become the Majestic Bethlehem Center were very attractive – a dynamic area with a rich history and numerous amenities for employees and their families, its location close to Interstate 78, with rail on site, next door to a Norfolk Southern intermodal facility, and not far from the large population centers of Philadelphia and New York City and their transportation infrastructure, including the Port of NYNJ which is the second largest in the US – all very much like the Inland Empire region in Southern California,” said Roski.

The availability of ample and redundant utilities for tenants’ mission critical operations and a large local labor pool from which to draw talent were also very important to Majestic.

But Majestic also recognizes that it has had help. “The Majestic Bethlehem Center wouldn’t have received this honor from the March of Dimes without the support of many along the way,” continued Roski. “Our governmental partners in Pennsylvania, from state to local, and the City of Bethlehem in particular, have been key in making our vision a reality.”

In addition, Roski feels that Majestic was embraced for investing in land that already had a legacy of industrial activity.  “There was plenty of available farmland around back then, which might have been easier to develop, but we felt that bringing back jobs to where people already lived and where the infrastructure already existed made the most sense for everyone.” Roski adds that, “most importantly has been Majestic’s team – our local employees who make it happen day in and day out, and our local engineers, advisors and professionals who help us navigate through the development process.”

For Roski it all boils down to people.  “My dad, who founded Majestic in 1948, taught me that it’s always about people: from the members of our team to the individuals in the community – each and every person has value. Which is why being honored by the March of Dimes is so meaningful – their mission of helping babies and families is close to my heart”.

Today the Majestic Bethlehem Center is well down the path of fulfilling its original promise. With millions of square feet of state-of-the art warehouse facilities built and thousands of jobs created, the Majestic Bethlehem Center has become the premiere business park in the region and a national example of successful redevelopment.

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